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Funtoot is an intelligent and adaptive personal tutor that teaches children in a fun and interactive manner. It observes, asseses, diagnoses, interacts, encourages and tutors each student based on each student’s individual characteristics.

Funtoot has been developed after extensive research and is personalized to the precise requirement of the student. Students can look forward to fun-filled learning. FunToot helps cultivate innovative thinking in them. While enabling students to perform better in studies, Funtoot assists teachers to monitor their students regularly and help parents be aware of the progress of their children. As Funtoot is built for cloud computing environment, it does not require installation of additional software or hardware. A computer and an internet connection is all that is required to get started with Funtoot.


  • Discovers various characters of each child & adapts itself uniquely to each child.
  • Observes each child in same manner as human tutor does while he solves problems.
  • Interacts with each child in a unique manner on the issues that the child faces through voice & text.
  • Assists each child through video & text messaging


  1. Results in improved scores of your child
  2. Helps develop higher interest for studies in your child
  3. Leads to productive use of time on PC
  4. Substitutes home tuitions at reduced cost
  5. Makes you aware of the progress of child in daily/weekly manner
  1. Improves grades.
  2. Personalized learning with lots of fun.
  3. Discovers what you know and what you do not know on a daily basis
  4. Makes you ready for future competitive examinations
  1. 1-2 Hours daily saving through home work
  2. Improves performance of the class
  3. Daily reporting and 'teaching effectiveness' feedback
  4. Helps you providing individual attention to each one of the students.
  1. School gets one associate teacher (FunToot) for each student.
  2. Provides individual attention to each student.
  3. Saves teacher's time every day.
  4. Help improve overall results of school